We are all very worried about the coronavirus and its ability to spread in ways no one is really sure about.

At Little Monsters I take the threat very seriously, everywhere is cleaned down regularly and parents must drop off and collect children from the front door. Lateral Flow testing is done twice weekly to ensure no one in the setting has coronavirus.

It is possible to visit Little Monsters to assess whether you feel the setting is suitable for you personally. However, I can only permit one adult at a time who must wear a facemask supplied by me and you must sanitise your hands in the bathroom before you will be allowed into the setting. Your child should wash their hands but wont need a mask. Everybody must be free of a temperature and not have a cough or cold. If you have the necessary technology I may permit a virtual tour. 

Little monsters opens doors and windows to blows away Covid particles every 90 mins for 15 mins at a time 

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