Dealing with challenging behaviour

Young children very often have emotional responses to many things being told no is a common one when they throw a toy or doing something that places them or other children in danger.
Dealing with these emotional outbursts is something early years professionals like myself deal with all the time getting upset with the child is not the way forward but explaining to children what they are doing wrong or waiting for them to finish trying to do something independently and ask for help can be a long process. My job at these times is to be patient and be the child’s emotional anchor who can give the child a cuddle either for being successful or because they are upset and talking about their victories or their frustrations. All cuddles need to be initiated by the child not everyone likes them.

Doing it this way allows children to properly explore their emotions become more comfortable with them so that making friends and forming relationships with others becomes easier this gives the children confidence and that in turn gives children a have a go attitude that serves them well in everything they do from then on.

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