Professional Childcare

My expertise is children under 5 years old and I concentrate on the prime areas outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stage the document that every setting works too and judged on by Ofsted. Which are communication and Language, Physical Development, and Personal Social, and Emotional Development. In simple terms, I look at how children communicate, how confident they are, and how they run, jump and climb, and work to ensure children are confident in themselves and their abilities. 

When working with very young children it is important to help them thrive in an environment that is structured to their individual needs and the toys and equipment that will help them become the people they want to become, rather than one that is structured to learn certain things at certain times without taking into account the needs of the children. 

How Your Child will be helped to develop

Every child is a unique individual with their own interests, every child will learn different things at different times and at their own pace.Very young children need to be concentrating on just three of the Seven areas of development when they first start at Little Monsters and they are:

Communication language and Literacy

So what this means is that we do everything that we can at Little Monsters to ensure that children communicate with each other and the adults in the setting as much as possible and we use real words so that children talk properly right from the start to give them the best start that we can

Physical Development

 We will be looking for children to run jump and play and have as much fun as they can as  independently as possible and for us to only help when they cannot do it for themselves helping children only when they want or need the help

And finally but most importantly personal social and emotional development 

This is without doubt the most important development that children will ever make. Making friends when you are very little when you are not very sure of your emotions and how to interpret them can be very difficult. But I provide a great deal of help in this area, acting as an emotional anchor for all the children in the setting and helping them to understand their emotions and how to share and be kind to others will help them develop skills not just for making friends but for many different situations in the future

Every child like every adult is a unique individual, not robots on a production line to be filled with knowledge of a certain type. Children learn best when they are having fun and they learn quicker too, yes they do need to reach certain levels of attainment for the EYFS framework, but when children are very young this is best done in a really fun way so that children learn new and exciting things without even knowing that they are.

To achieve this we must have parents in the setting fully committed to the development of their children's education and learning, so you will be asked many questions if you join the Little Monsters experience, about your child's likes and dislikes so that we can help your child reach their full potential together.

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